Being raised in a Post Soviet Union family coming straight from the heart of Ukraine most people expect me to be more on the conservative side and fairly strict on rules combined with being studious and the hardcore Soviet accent.

But that’s not how shit went down, being raised by a mother,a grandmother, and looking towards my brother who was 13 years older than me as a father figure switched me up from a conventional Post Soviet lifestyle.

Be it for better or for worse I learned a lot from my brother and to be fairly honest loved a lot of the same things he did up until a point. My brother being raised in the US already had a slightly different upbringing and so he brought to me the thought process to actually accept other cultures as something dope instead of the classical soviet thought process to dismiss it as irrelevant. That’s where my love for Asian Culture started to go wild, him being the push factor since he also liked Asian Culture so be expecting weird write ups spanning from Anime to the impact Specific nations in Asia had on street wear.

Besides delving into Asian culture I seceded from my brothers ideals once the taste of music was brought up, waking up in the mornings turning on MTV and watching Kanye performing touch the sky brought me into a different world so now I’m deeply invested in the Hip Hop/Rap Culture. My articles will be random in topic but will circle around the two main things that have always  interested me and made my night life awesome.

Peace Fam, Danny Fantom