When I was young, and I don’t mean 12 think more back to when I was chilling in the womb, I loved music. Of course, I didn’t quite know it yet (duh.)

When I grew up, my mom told me she and my dad would play me Doolittle by The Pixies while I was in there chilling. When I would wake in the night as a baby and cry, my dad would throw on Disintegration by The Cure and dance with me until I passed out (so much for Mozart, or whatever)

A little older, he’d drag me to an old CD store in Mansfield called CD Jungle (conveniently 20 seconds away from the Blockbluster video store) (fucking millennials right?) and I would hate it because I thought CDs were so awful. That and I probably wanted to go to the toy store/get back to a game in the car on the green gameboy color

A lot older, after years of hearing my mom and step dad cook dinners together grooving from genre to genre, my dad flies in from out of state with a duffel bag.

“Everything in this is a classic” he explains when I ask about the contents.

Joy Division, The Cure, The Sisters of Mercy, and the list goes on

I would groove to everything from Lou Reed to Future,  This Town Needs Guns to Massive Attack, Radiohead to Denzel Curry (obviously in the future not as a baby)

I guess I’m just the music dude. Be expecting a lot of music talk from me. Say hi if we cross paths I’m really great at high fives and elbow touches.

With love

kid ariock