2 minutes after the ball dropped, this song dropped. Alan Hill who goes by the stage name Kid/Kulture released his new and first single, “Right Now”. It’s a great way to start the new year. 
Produced by bus brother who is also the drummer for the electronic/jazz/hip-hop fusion band, The Trio, it grabs your attention from the jump with a club like pop sound. As soon as Kid/Kulture laces it with his flow, the whole track comes together. This is a piece that should be played at any party. 
I placed Kid Kulture in the category known as Peeling Artist because of how dedicated to his craft he his. He has the style of a hip-hop artist, the gift of flow, and the production. Having it all makes him an excellent choice for the first Peeling Artist of 2017. 

Click the link below to go hear “Right Now” by Kid/Kulture!