Now that presumably everyone has calmed down on the parties, the new year has started.

This article is not to say our resolution, (for those curious, it’s become one of the best and most accredited music blogs in the music industry). What this article is about is to hopefully give you an idea of resolutions.

So here it is, a list of resolutions to focus on as a musician:

  1. Keep working hard. Aware that it sounds cliché, it’s true. Continue working hard and you’ll see better outcomes over time.
  2. Be more patient with your craft. Patience is key. By being patient you can work on the first resolution.
  3. If you’re doing shows with 4-7, don’t get discouraged. We don’t start fresh selling out ‘MSG. It takes time.
  4. Continue believing in yourself. If 4/5 people say that you’re not good, that fifth may be the most important one to approve of your work.
  5. Regardless of the new waves this year may bring, continue being original. You have a different idea for a song? It’d be a new sound totally unlike anything going on right now, do it. It makes you stand out.
  6. Support your friends and others like you. If they want to work with you, don’t be so quick to turn your head away. I was on facebook recently when I saw a post that was shared, it had read along the lines of, “if you’re getting 1,000 plays on each song and so am I, why should I pay you for a verse? Instead let’s come together on a track and double our numbers”
  7. Don’t worry about THEY’RE doing. Worry about what YOU’RE doing. Simple as that, focus on you.
  8. Don’t be afraid of trying new things. If you have an indie folk artist and you’re a rap storyteller, come together and see what you can do.
  9. Don’t focus on L’s, count your wins. You could take 9 straight L’s but that 10th could be your golden ticket.

That’s all of them, I hope that each artist who reads this takes these into consideration. Utilize them and have a year full of growth and successes. I wish you all the best of luck. New content and stories will arrive tomorrow.