Somewhere between Wilmington, Delaware and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania you there is a young, highly motivated and unique producer / rapper / photographer named Samuel Davis; but he goes by iloveyousayda. In this article you’ll learn about various things and see some of his photography as you go down. Apart of a collective called Organic Geniuses started by Wilmington local, Rakeem Miles, Iloveyousayda remains true to himself and his team. Focused on independence while apart of the collective; he moves  around and calls shots on his own.

How can you be focused your own craft if you too busy focused on what other artists are always doing? I believe in doing things on your own and being independent.

– iloveyousayda

I had the chance to call ‘Sayda and learn some things, in the phone call I learned about a dark past, how he got involved with music and even how he got hooked up with Rakeem.

Back in 2014 i was in a collective and it was with various producers. Rakeem hit me on twitter and we linked up, the DJ at the venue we were at was cool with Rakeem. eventually he [Rakeem] invited me into his collective along with Mike Melinoe and YoAstrum.
We are all internet based, we always come together for festivals. We got a little something coming up soon too, I just can’t say too many details.

– iloveyousayda

It’s safe to say I was hyped after learning about an Organic Geniuses project. I have had the chance of working with them all on photos before. Everyone of them are extremely talented and down to earth individuals. Going back to what was spoke on about independence, I thought it might be interesting to learn how Sayda would handle a situation if someone such as A$AP Rocky – being one of Sayda’s biggest influences were to reach out for work. Would he take that co-sign that would make him soar to new heights or instead would he continue working throughout the ranks himself.

Of course I would. I’m very influenced by Rocky. I would of course work with him, I would just play it smart.

– iloveyousayda

Taken By Sayda

When asked if he finds it important to ever focus on other artists for any reason.

Of course, It’s good to have influences but focus on yourself and do you.

– iloveyousayda

Taken by Sayda

Sayda informed me that he also raps, I was never aware of that even before meeting him many months ago. He started rapping at a young age but never enough to take it seriously. Describing his way of getting into music as rapping with his cousin from Nashville, “J Fino”, he didn’t take it seriously – until recently – instead he focused on producing; that’s where his primary focus was.  You can hear some of his producing skills on “North Pole” by Val Strasser – a close friend of his.

Val Strasser and iloveyousayda

Curious to learn more, I asked about what was going on in his personal life and how it’s effecting his creative life. Currently in the process of moving and getting his life back together, he’s trying to get back everything back into focus. Sayda is also preparing to perform at SXSW in 2017 alongside his friends of Organic Geniuses and the release of his EP, Save Them For My Funeral – produced by him and Val Strasser. On the project, we can expect workings from Mike Melinoe, Val Strasser, A$AP Ant, and more. A lot of names to be excited over.

It’s going to be a balance, I’m going to  be working on private life and social life.

– iloveyousayda

Overhearing his friends in the background of the call, I had to learn how his friends support his music and vision. He informed me of a clothing line titled “Legacy” he’s working on with one of his friends and as for his others.

I have friends who support and some who don’t, I just try to keep the positive energy. Val, however being around him and Quadie Diesel, that really motivated me to make more beats and such.  Expect a Val and iloveyousayda project.

– iloveyousayda

Taken by ‘Sayda

Speaking more and given the interview took place just after the new year, I had to ask how would Sayda compare his wins of last year compared to what he plans on accomplishing this year. He spoke very in-depth on some projects he plans on releasing, one being a film titled, “Wasted Youth” that features Rakeem Miles, Rex The Rager, Val Strasser, Quadie Diesel, and himself. It’s set to come around March. While speaking into things that he plans on achieving, he also touched on a darker spot in his life.

After struggling with depression, being on pills like percocet’s & others as well codeine, suffering from being homeless and dealing with many family blows. ‘Sayda had one thing to say about last year to now.

I definitely want growth. This year is all about power moves.

– iloveyousayda

Safe to say he’s following through with those power moves. As learned in this story he’s currently preparing for the release of a new EP, a film, SXSW, and a clothing line. I once had the chance to meet ‘Sayda at a festival I was a photographer at. From that experience to now I can confidently say he has what it takes to see all of those successes. Very young and ambitious individual. He knows the ropes and is steady climbing.

If you’re in the Philadelphia area and would like to see iloveyousayda live, he will be at the Philadelphia Art Gallery on January 21st. Admission is $10 online and $15 at the door.

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