The title of this more than likely leads you to a few questions.

Why isn’t it an Orange Peel in the sunshine? Where is the rest of the fruit? Am I changing the name to Tangerine Peel?

I have answers.

It’s not “Orange Peel In The Sunshine” because that’d be weird. The rest of the fruit is still being solved and no I’m not changing the name. Instead, what I am doing is writing this to get your attention to tell you to go listen to this track by the extraordinarily talented, Dorthea West.

Drawing influence from Lana Del Ray and Frank Ocean, 19 year old Dorthea West from Jacksonville, FL, has a gift. With the ability to grab you by her airy and ambiant vocals at only 9 seconds in, Dorthea visualizes an eerie scene set in a beautiful world. Produced by Thomas Swanson, he makes it so her vocals fit perfectly.

“Just a wanna be singer, with far fetched dreams. I hope when you get famous you don’t forget about me.”

– Lyrics from Sunshine Tangerine 

With this much skill from a 19 year old and the year just started, if she continues with releasing work -hoping she does- I am more than confident when saying Dorthea will see great heights from this year on.
Listen to the track below and let us know what you think!