Not many 8 year old’s are music composers. Not many would continue their passion until 14 years old transitioning into producing either, and hardly anyone would continue on 4 more years and make it a full-out career. Now rapping, singing, and producing under the label created by Odd Papi, As.e is here. I had the opportunity to call him and learn a few things. In the following you’re going to learn about how he got signed to CRIMIEHOUSE USA, his love for his religion, where he stands on being humble, some of his influences and more.




Growing up in St. Louis, As.e has had a love for two things, music and God.

“I have a great relationship with the most high.”

He gives thanks to him on numerous occasions. One of those being given the ability to deter real people from some known as fake. Also curious to know if he feared fans would veer off once they learned about his love for his religion.

“Bro, I ‘gotta give recognition to the most high for that one. I always had something growing up. It’s like I see your auras, the way you carry yourself around. I thank him for that.”

— As far as fans leaving based off his religious love.

“I feared it awhile ago but not anymore. The vibe can’t be remade.”

I personally thought “The vibe can’t be remade” is an excellent phrase to live by when creating. Seems as if most people let go of something in fear of someone else not liking it. They seem to lose their drive – ‘As.e, however does not.




“That’s the hard part, what i do man, i take this form my main Picasso, he didn’t paid for others he painted for him. I try to sit back and say “wow” to myself
and appreciate.”

— Any other painting artists influences?

“I love Basquiat”

That type of response sounds like we have a new Kanye coming up. I had to ask if he sees any of him [Kanye] in himself. His response was more than perfect.

“I’m a real arrogant motherfucker but I’m also humble as fuck. For him to see something in his craft the way he does and acheive it for himself, stands out. A lot of my friends know my background and know I came from a tough sitauton.”

— So how do your friends support you on this journey?

“My peers as far as that, a lot of times we have people on the same path as us. We climb to the highest points but for a minute we gotta leave them but we can’t forget where they or we from.”

Very wise no doubt. As.e feels as if there is no “plan b”. This is his only path and he won’t take no for an answer. I understand that mindset if I was doing some sort of musical creation for 10 years straight.

“There ain’t no backup, this is really my life. I’m doing this to further myself.”

With a response like that, one can only expect for more to come out of ASE so that’s exactly what he’s going to do, put out. Expecting to release two tapes this year, one being a 20 song collaboration project with Odd Papi [I am ultra excited for that. This is extremely unprofessional but damn, that’s about to be one of the greatest projects of 2017.] and a solo project titled, “i am a human and these are feelings” stylized in all caps to make an extra point. Some notable features you can expect include fellow Crimehouse USA signee, xmarksvintage and also Darrien Safron – signee of Tech N9ne’s “Strange Music” label. Both projects have release dates that are currently waiting to be announced.  With all of these releases, I had to find out if there’s any tours planned. Unfortuantely there is not but instead just various local shows.

After learning about all of this, I was interested where ASE came from rather than Asa and where he gets his sound.




“I was sitting there and I had just made my first song. I got around 4,000 views by the next week. I then thought I can’t go by the name Asa, my big bro came and said,
“bro you got an eye that a lot of people dont open; the third eye.” So “Ase” it means all seeing eye”.

— As for his sound.

“A lot of my sound, man, I grew up in a church. A lot of praying and singing, and my daily life. I inspire a lot moods and vibrations. I just want to talk through my music”

Speaking on the inspiring a lot of moods, I was curious if he or the entire ‘Crimehouse collective inspired any waves and what’s the scene been like – did they impact it, create it entirely, join it?

“We got a lot of those [wave riders] – I’m just praying we get the recogniton we deserve.”

— As for the placement of them and the St. Louis music and creative front.
“What a lot of people dont realize is there’s two worlds. You got the entertainment, and then the part who is putting the blood and pain. As far as pushing the scene, we did a lot for sure.”

One of the last things I had asked regarded something I learned happens frequently in Virginia. Rappers of a specific community come together out there and have meetings. A close source who was in the meeting had informed me they touched base on obtaining more shows, working together on projects and overall just extending themselves. I personally thought that was the coolest thing ever. An entire community of musicians coming together to advance. I wanted his take on that, wanted to learn if he feels that’s beneficial for a community.

“I feel anything like that, I feel that’ll get a lot of connections”

I couldn’t help but agree.

Lastly, the interview concluded with a few pieces of advice from Ase. Use these in your daily life.

“You ‘gotta make executive decisons sometimes”

“Stick to you, man. God appreciates what we try to do for others but he really smiles when you do you. He smiles when you appreciate what you got and dont switch up.

I’m really eager to see what else comes from As.e. He’s a very talented individual. You can listen to his song titled, “private dancer” produced by Odd Papi and Darrien Safron by clicking here.

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