If there’s one thing my hometown should be proud of it’s 17 year old Chase Beaire. Mansfield, OH native, Chase has proven himself early on. From moving to LA, moving back to Ohio, touring, and departing from a band he used to be apart of, Chase continued on a solo music career. To say the least, he’s done amazing thus far.

Album cover for Chase Beaire – EP

Releasing his 15 minute self titled project, “Chase Beaire – EP” he definitely delivers. Starting with the first track titled “Exodus Of The Verse” he begins the journey of the project with a slow & simple guitar that fits his raspy voice perfectly. Speaking more on his voice, some would doubt him due to his age of 17. I have to disagree with any doubts about him, at just 50 seconds in he shows so much power in his vocal capabilities by  soulfully singing the lyrics,

“…and love makes it’s move again!”

… with a little bit of blues feel to it too, makes it even better if you ask me.
Next we have what is perhaps my second favorite song, “London Streets”. In this track, Chase doesn’t necessarily utilize that powerful voice as he does in “Exodus Of The Verse” to ‘belt out the lyrics. Instead he takes you on a visual journey through his lyrics by painting a perfect story.

“…We were dancing on the brickyard with no shoes on our feet”

“now I see these city chains”

Lyrics from London Street.

It’s the simple lyrics like those that really grip you and keep you wanting to keep listening.

Photo via @FrancisWarhol on instagram.

On the third track in, “Divine Intervention”, he once again paints a visual picture. To me personally, this whole track just sounds like a speak easy party gone awry – I say that in the best way –

“..I got in trouble with the law, babe. Threw me off the freight and told me they don’t ‘wanna see my face no more..”

“..I got no ID and no idea what I’m doing here..”

“..count the stars and hope they don’t fall down..”

Lyrics from Divine Intervention.

This track is easily my number one favorite from the entire project. The final two songs, “Solitude” and “The Gavel” are both equally as great. Although Chase has his sound crafted to him, he manages to bring something different on each track.
One major thing I picked up from this entire project is that Chase seems to be telling a story. He manages to tell various aspects of it all in 15 minutes.
On a totally unbiased opinion, I personally haven’t heard a flaw on this project. It’s short, to the point and perfectly curated. At the rate Chase is excelling at now, I am completely confident in saying he’s going to see great heights this year.
If you’d like to see Chase perform, he will be playing on the main stage at the 2016 Hippie Fest in Hocking Hills, OH. For event & ticket information, click here.

You can follow Chase on his musical journey by clicking here.

Chase’s music can be found on Apple Music, Google Play, and Spotify. You can also listen to his album via Spotify by clicking here.

Gordon “Francis” Hanners.

Founder of & Writer for Orange Peel