Before you start wondering if this is about to be a food related article, it’s not. Unless information on Richmond, VA artist Lunch $pecial is food – if so then get ready to feast. In this article you’re going to learn about how exactly the name Lunch $pecial came to be, his new project, his stance on connecting creatives, and much more

I started the phone call with some small talk. Simple things – “How are you?”, “What are you eating right now?”, “Do you like deli meat?” – no  really though Instead, I started the call interested in one thing straight from the jump his name “Lunch $pecial”, like where does that even come from?  

“I always fucked with like Chance, The Rapper and Tyler, The Creator and like I tried to do something like that. It didn’t work though so I was at a Chinese restaurant and this lady was ‘wildin cause i wanted shrimp fried rice and white rice. She was saying, 

“No no, you can’t have both!” 

 I was mad like i definitely came in here with 100$ and now my dick is soft cause I wanted that white rice. Finally she says whatever and gives me the white rice with it. After some time, she starts laughing at me cause I can’t finish my food at this point and my friend said it’s because it’s the lunch special. It just fills you. That’s how it came on. It just worked. It’s the best way to eat chinese food too, you get an eggroll and all.”

I personally thought that was the greatest way to get a stage name ever. It’s always the natural names that are the best. If you put it in perspective, he’s got a damn good name. It’ll live on for countless years. Give me a time where you won’t hear, 

“What’s the lunch special today?” 

Just from that one person may remember his work and start talking about it again. A name like that also allows for complete creativity. ‘Tyler mastered that by Tyler, The Creator, he puts it out there obvious he just creates. That’s how it is with a name like Lunch $pecial, it’s a different creation each day. Lastly, look at me with Orange Peel, what the fuck does an orange peel have to do with music [or anything creative]? Nothing – it has nothing to do with it, however it gives room to express. Lunch $pecial has gotten that down perfectly. He could hit us with music one day, a film the other and then clothes. No one knows what’s on the daily lunch special. 

“When I first started rapping, I won’t lie when I say I was the dick rider of Odd Future [music collective started by Tyler, The Creator] so that’s why I went with the Tyler shit. Now though, it’s like I fuck with Lunch $pecial more than ever. It’s just me.”

I have to applaud that, having your influences while also keeping to who you are as a person is highly important when creating. That’s exactly what ‘Lunch manages to do. When speaking on any big  influences he has in music minus Chance and Tyler.

“So it’s not even on some, 

“Oh this shit is garbage.”

I just don’t listen to modern music. I really like, King Krule though. I also really like grime music too. There is also this nigga from England named Loyle Carner who I like.”

I understand where he’s coming from, even I have my select artists I listen to when I’m not looking for artists to cover on here. Perhaps one of the most interesting things about ‘Lunch is the fact that he’s apart of an association named Boxless. It’s comprised of various Richmond rap collectives, one of the collectives includes the one and only Zeke Marsh The Hero

What makes this so interesting though is that Lunch helps organize these giant meetings for Boxless to come together and work on ways to excel. That’s so fucking cool to me, bringing an entire community of musicians together to help achieve the same goal. It seems as if today so many are against and not with. 

Once ‘Zeke [The Hero] had informed me of what Lunch is doing, I absolutely needed to get in touch. I really owe it to him [‘Zeke] for help makingthis interview  possible.  Anyway, that lead to me the most important question for Lunch I had, 

“What makes it so important to bring everyone together rather than just doing every man/group for themselves?” 

Highly important question and I want any reader who sees this to pick up from what he answered with. 

“I feel like it’s like hard to figure it out but once you do you got to keep doing it. For a lot of people what we do with Boxless and people like Zeke, it’s all about the fact that you specifically gotta put the work in and do your part. It’s like a self running machine and when you got a platform with friendly competition it creates a beautiful scene for art. Once we start seeing continuity we can start seeing more outlets. It grows into more. I’ve seen a lot of venues lately that are better about doing shows. That’s the type of thing to get vice, and noises and all these blogs out here from people making waves. People working towards the common thing, also that creativity will bring a certain amount of diversity. “

Remember that, if there’s one thing you take from this entire article make it that. 

Anyway, all of that had me curious to what the creativity in Richmond is like now to where it used to be. 

“It’s interesting, 4 or 5 years ago it was like all you would hear is trap. Now there’s so many people coming from all over who you wouldn’t expect to hear alternative. Kids who listen to Lil Wayne and Soulja Boy who are now making music where people make different sounds. It’s differentC there’s not a defined sound. It’s adds to our mystique.”

That makes total sense to me. I personally feel like Richmond will become a very fertile ground for anything creative within the very near future. After taking all of that in, I was curious to find out where Lunch wants this Boxless Association to be by the end of the year. 

“I think Boxless will be such a big network and platform to create. we will definitely have more people we can work with. By the end of the year I will say every performer at a Boxless show will want to do that show more than any other show in Richmond. performing a Boxless show will be the new standard.”

Great goals to set, it’s highly important to have that confidence in yourself and your vision that Lunch has. I’ve known many people who have backed out of an idea from not believing in it. It’s quite sad to be completely honest. What I’m trying to say is just be confident whatever you want to do in life. I as well Lunch both say fuck being humble. Never accept to being lower than who you are. That will just set you behind. 

Photo via @BoominViisuals on Instagram.

“Fuck humblesness, the last couple months since things have gone so well. I’ve seen people so actively hating and I like that type of shit. i feed off it. I just don’t want to get people in boxless involved in certain things related to hating cause we not all like that. I think being boastful is great. The youth is beautiful and brash.”

All of that is inspiring to me, I can’t even lie. There’s something special with Lunch. Give it some time and I know we will see him and Boxless everywhere. 

On to another topic. I once read a status from a musician in Miami, FL named Blizziboi who said something really interesting along the lines of, 

“You get 1,000 plays, I get 1,000 plays so why charge ___ for features while we still growing? Instead let’s collab then bring your 1,000 to my 1,000 and let’s make 2,000 plays”. 

–I would have put it in a quote box but I don’t remember the entirety of what was said. —

Given Lunch $pecial is a man of business and music, I needed his input.  

I definitely don’t think it’s wrong to charge for features. If we are going to take his seriously we need to make a living. I do think promotion is good and all but but we can’t knock somebody who’s trying to put food on the table. 

Well said if you ask me, to further that,

You should never take someone down when we both trying to go up. like nah everybody is a fucking super star. it’s weird so fucking weird. 

Weird indeed, why is it so hard to support your friends or those in general who are trying to come up? 

Oh well, some questions may never be answered. On to what everyone wants to know at this point, is there a project coming out? 

I was doing “5 Soul”. That was this really cool concept album where me being the main character experiences a breakup. It’s on some Scott Pilgrim – Kingdom Hearts shit. My character relives all the relationships. At the end I got this single called “Time Machine” where I release all the work with artwork and more. Everything changed one day ’cause one day I seen the girl who inspired it at all and it kind of killed it. It wasn’t super positive or super negative it was just like,

“hey you’re doing, okay”. 

If she was with some gothic nigga I’d be like, “that sucks” 

If it was like we were at a spot where it was like “Hey i want to get to know you again” it’d be even more different. Now I ‘gotta rethink how I end the album. The way it’s ending is kinda weird too so I ‘gotta go fix it. 

Although that’s unfortunate it’s being delayed, I understand and I’m sure all fans will understand. Since there isn’t a project yet for Lunch, I wanted to know about all of Boxless. 

“Oh yeah, yeah, yeah, most definitely. We’ve been talking about how we’re doing that. I think we are coming out with a compilation tape. … when we got all the heads and come together it’s something really great. It’s something really great coming together. 

A compilation tape sounds dope, very excite for that. For anyone reading this, you have to think about that Boxless isn’t a few people. It’s an association of music collectives. So. Much. Music. 

All the talk about Boxless and a few mentions of his [Lunch $pecial] love for boxing, I had two questions that turned into three before finishing the interview up.

Question one, who is one MMA fighter or boxer you’d like to walk out to one of your songs? Second, how do you feel about the Chris Brown and Soulja Boy match? 

‘Imma sound like a fucking mark but it’s gotta be Conor McGregor. I relate to his energy so much. 

– As for Chris / Soulja – 

As a fan of boxing like I am, Chris Brown might go but at he same time Soulja has no idea what he’s doing. You don’t really know who’s got hands and gonna win. 

On some weird shit I’d kinda like to do something like that. like. i wanna do a wrestling rap thing. I’d love to talk to the locals and do something like that. Cross promotion is cool. You have no idea who likes what the fuck. 

That left me with one major question, what member of Boxless would he want to box with? [Lame ass rhyme but oh well]. 

Probably someone out of my group. some of them staytalking shit. Wordy thinks he’s about it, they all think they ’bout it. 

Hearing him say, “my group” is actually how I learned about Boxless being an association rather than one giant collective. 

It’s like an association, closer to a beast coast thing. We all have different responsibilities so I can’t say I’m the leader. I guess I’m like the PR guy. Miles Danger has his own thing he’s working on. Miles is a DJ, he does his thing. As much as I would love to take the responsibility I cannot do that. I couldn’t do it by myself. 

To formally end each interview, I ask artists to send it off with something to say. What they choose to say is entirely up to them, it can be advice or it can just be a random sentence. Lunch $pecial gave advice.  

You definitely have to make mistakes to be great. Know that and try everything at least once. 

…. also he said this. 

I’m definitely working on a track with Zeke

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