With a caption like that you’re probably wondering if this is some weird ass story about Dorothy and Toto. Good news for you is that it’s not. In this article, we are getting to know Dorthea West, Gainesville, FL native. 

Gaining influence from many great musicians, Dorthea utilizes her soft and soulful voice perfectly. I was able to get a phone call with Dorthea a few days ago and quite a large amount was learned. 

If you reading, you’re going to learn about various things. Some information you’ll learn is about her parents support, her drive for music, what made her keep her name, some about her influences, what type of food she would identify her music with and much more. 

More than likely the last part of the last paragraph probably has many wondering why I would ask such an odd question. What food could she identify her music with? Who asks that? I do. Dorthea had an answer that was very impressive. 

I would have to say raspberries, they’re sweet and also tart. I want my music to be good & sweet and also something that makes you think. 

She achieves just that. Quoting her latest single, “Sunset Tangerine“, Dorthea sings, 

“Just a wanna be singer, with far fetched dreams. I hope when you get famous you don’t forget about me.”

Very deep, I actually spoke on those lyrics in the last article on Dorthea. They stand out so much to me. Curious to know what she meant fully by those. According to her [Dorthea] they represent how she once feared Sully Geez becoming famous before her and afraid of him forgetting her. She’s since lost the fear, thankfully. 

(Due to a faulty laptop, I lost her direct quote on the lyrics. As soon as I can provide an update it’ll be in.)

In the song [Sunset Tangerine], she also speaks somewhat on life in her city. That made me ask my next question – one about Florida. As we all can tell Florida has had some pretty wild crime happenings. I was wondering if being from such a wild state will benefit her career and if her environment growing up will help her on her journey. 

I think it will. Growing up really poor really humbled me. It made me appreciate everything I have the blessings in my life. It made me a better person. Living in Gainesville has been an adventure because the weirdest shit happens here and I’ve met so many diverse types of people and had really unique experiences like trespassing, hiking through woods, finding graffiti and stuff like that.”

Rare that an artist opens up so quickly like she did in that first sentence. Grateful that she didn’t let the early on hardships stop her, she kept going and it’s so far proven to work in her favor. 

Dorthea has a big things coming within the oncoming months. One being a new single with a date to be announced. 

I am releasing an EP called Emerald City sometime in the next 6 months!  I’m also doing a cover of “You Know I’m No Good” by Amy Winehouse with a full band backing me up.

This should excite many, a mixtape, Amy Winehouse, AND a full backup band? It is about to be a great year for Dorthea. 

With a great year to come, that means more recognition and accolades. I had to find out what she wants to accomplish by the end of this year. 

By the end of this year I would like for the major cities in Florida to know who I am and who my crew is. By the end of the year I would love to be going on small tours and playing shows in cities like Jacksonville and Orlando. 

Highly achievable if you ask me. From speaking on the phone with her I could sense that she has what it takes to obtain all of she wants. Everything comes from some type of support though. If that support comes from within yourself, friends, family or all of the above. Dorthea explains her support system as follows. 

 My dad doesn’t listen to my music because of the explicit content but told me he would love nothing more than to see me live out my dream. My mom on the other hand loves my music and shows everyone she meets my SoundCloud. My friends are definitely supportive as most of them make music too. 

It’s actually really relieving knowing parents like her parents exist. A father who admits to my listening but still wants to see her live her dreams and a mother who shows her work off to the world? That’s an amazing support system alone but bringing in her friends as well, she’s golden. 
Some of her friends include producer Thomas Swanson and rapper / frequent collaborator Sully Geez. Both from Florida as well.  Dorthea spoke some on what working with them is like. 

Making music with Thomas and Sully has been nothing but a positive experience. It’s basically working with my friends and getting to put together pieces of art that other people can enjoy. 

It’s highly important to know your business and know your friends. If you can find the middle ground you’ve accomplished a great step for success. 

Another thing I was able to talk with her on was her influences in music. Consisting of Chance, The Rapper, Kehlani, Russ, and more, she spoke some on those three. 

If Chance the rapper wanted to work with me I’m pretty sure I would die. He’s one of my bigger inspirations and Acid Rap changed my life significantly and helped me formulate my own sound and vision. 

— As for her other inspirations. — 

My other influences are Kehlani and Russ. I love Kehlani’s aggressiveness, I think that more women in the game should exemplify the confidence and good vibes that she tries to spread. Russ just proves that hard work pays off and believing in yourself is the one of the most powerful forces in making music and trying to get big.  

With support, influences, intelligent lyricism, and everything else Dorthea possesses, what makes her stand out among so many others wanting to make music? 

I wanted to stand out by doing more alternative hip hop. i think i stand out because i’m a female vocalist and because my music is kind of different.

Her music is different for sure, anyone who visits her SoundCloud and see this. She manages to fuse soul, hip hop, alternative, and some R&B together to make her own sound. 

Like every good thing, the phone call had to come to an end. Before finally concluding, I had asked Dorthea two questions. First question was why does she make music? The second was what is quickly becoming traditional with all of my interviews – what can you send this off with? This can be literally anything, advice or just a simple random sentence. 

Part of why i’m doing music is because i want to help my family. My mom has some health issues and that’s one of my biggest inspirations. I also do it for the love. 

— As for the send off. — 

People who are trying to make it in the msuic scene is to prepare for the worst. my dad says this, 

“Prepare for the worst, expect the best but prepare for the worst.”

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You can listen to music from Dorthea, Sully Gees that Thomas produced by clicking their names below. 


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