I get asked that question quite often. 

Why are you doing Orange Peel? What’s it for? What do you want to do with it? 

I’m doing it because I love music and many other things that are soon to come. Personally I feel like making music isn’t my lane – not currently at least – so instead I want to contribute somehow. If I post an article on someone and it boosts their plays up some, that’s amazing to me. If it gets them a few more fans, that’s even better. 

That leads me into the next question, what’s it for? 

It’s for creatives, currently musicians but eventually for creatives as a whole. If you make music, manage an artist, or just as passionate about music and you have an opinion on something, I want to know. Orange Peel is to serve as a new platform for artists to be noticed. 

As for what I want to do with it, there’s a few things. 

I think it’s something that has potential to grow into a brand in a sense, not just Orange Peel the blog but instead of Orange Peel film, Orange Peel events, some kind of festival, a branch off record label (?), and much more. I want to make it so Orange Peel is a new standard. Working hard to make it the Thrasher Magazine of the creative industry. I want to pass some of the big time blogs or be viewed as equal with them, and many other things that you’ll learn of as time unfolds. As for the current time, I am hoping to start doing more project reviews, covers more artists, having more interviews up, some random things in the “JUICE” category, live interviews, recorded interviews, and maybe a podcast! 
I apologize for the lack of posts lately however. There is currently only one writer on here being myself so things get busy in daily life and I currently have very spotty service and wifi. Thank you however for all of the support thus far. It’ll be a great year for Orange Peel.