I’m back from a short break of writing articles. I was searching for some topics / artists / songs that would be good for the site. Thankfully I found a lot, until those are posted however enjoy this recap of Kid Kulture’s performance at, Relax, It’s Just Coffee

The show started off with a brief verbal introduction by him, a few laughs, and then him instructing the crowd to jump once music began. After explaining his sound to be a mix of trap, energetic, electronic, and more I certainly understood why he said to jump. 

The first song began and it was hyped, the crowd showed some engagement but not much. Once he started the second song had raised the engagment more. Kid Kulture took a short break before the third to speak some regarding the track. 

Titled, “Right Now?” – produced by his brother Aaron Hill of “The Trio” Kid Kulture showcased his talent. Through quick lyricism, a electro-trap-pop instrumental, don’t ask how that combination happens but, Aaron makes it work. This song really made the crowd do as he wanted – bounce, AND some were rapping along with him.

 You can listen to the track by clicking, HERE

Photo provided by Greter Photography. Taken at Brown Sound, this photo shows Kid Kulture performing with his siblings in The Trio. While working together they’re known as Al Jenkins and The Trio.

Towards the end of his set he performed a track on the importance of being yourself. I feel as if that shared a lot of importance given his name, Kid Kulture. This could just be a shot in the dark but I feel with a name like that and a song with that content, he’s really making a name for himself. Turning 18 soon, being on the younger side starting out in music shows the “Kid” part of his name. As for the “Kulture” part, he really shows love for the hip hop culture. He can dance, be an MC, and has the style. I’ve witnessed him perform with his siblings in The Trio before and even then he (and them) showed his love for the hip hop culture. 

The show finally came to an end after two more songs and with an announcement of a mixtape soon to come. With being one of his first solo shows, Kid Kulture definitely made an impression. Looking around the room, most everyone in there was was bopping up and down. A lot of crowd engagement and afterwards there was much applauding. This Kid is going far.