Before reading: This is NOT a review. It’s simply a few brief paragraphs that explain the impression I received from the first listen. A review is coming soon. 

It finally happened, the long awaited project from Zeke Marsh, The Hero “Nostalgic Genesis” arrived February 9th around 5:15pm. EST. 

I’m not going to review the entire project in this article but instead just say the impression I received from the first listen.

Nostalgic Genesis starts off with “Genesis Begins”. The journey from that point on. I say journey because ‘Zeke has made possible for us to enter his mind in this creation. It’s almost as if you’re at an arcade and you get sucked inside one of those games. Towards the end of the track the music fades out and you hear a voice tell his friends to look at him levitating, it encompasses you.

The rest of the project which features the two singles he dropped – Oreo & Child’s Poem, continues on the storyline of Nostalgic Genesis. I don’t want to say too much about what happens on the project because that’ll take away from listening to it. 

There is two tracks I want to talk about real quick solely for he humor. “Nostalgia Radio”. Under the alias “DJ Litty Titty” – Zeke answers phone calls for a live Twitter feed. I’m unsure how this fits into the project – maybe it’s the radio at the arcade I mentioned earlier? Regardless it’s hilarious to hear the phone calls and even DJLT’s outro. 

THEORY: Maybe this is DJ Litty Titty’s childhood spoke through a younger DJLT. Or maybe Zeke and his homies snuck into a radio station, beat up the host, and took over the station? I don’t know —  

“After Oreo” is a response to “Oreo” and that’s also hilarious. Not so much a song but instead a skit of the cousin of ‘Zeke. In car “remixing” a classic American song. Zeke manages to touch on being biracial, issues with racism, xenophobia, and more. For those who don’t know, Zeke’s birth name is Jose. His “cousin” answers the call by calling him, “Josie” then says, “Oh your name isn’t Josie? It’s Jose? I forgot you’re part illegal”. All of this is occurring while playing “Oreo” in the background. This is significant due to the fact that “Oreo” is about coming together regardless of race, gender, etc. That bit what I just said is me touching the surface. Listen to the two tracks back to back and you’ll understand the full. It’s quite beautiful. You can listen to “After Oreo” here

That’s the deepest I’m getting in this article. The album reaches an end after a few more tracks – one being a track that Zeke speaks on people who we as listeners all have lost. Rest in peace to Zeke’s friend who passed away. Very touching piece. He goes on to dedicate another part to another friend. The whole track is a big thank you / shoutout to those who mean most to ‘Zeke. Such a genuine individual. 

This entire project is amazing for being his first project dropped. If there’s a way I could describe it, it’d be as follows. 
Falling into an arcade box and get taken outside of the usual world into something entirely new. A dream land, a new world, a Sub Space as some may say – you’ll know why that’s important soon. Inside this world you’ll experience, humor, heart, happiness, nostalgia (had to do it), a bit of sadness, and much more. It’s unique in every way. 

There are tracks I didn’t speak on only because I want you to listen to it to experience the full effect. Just know it does exactly what I said earlier – takes you on a journey. 
Listen to the album and tell me what you think. A review is coming soon.