Hi, everyone, I’m back. 

After a long hiatus from writing due to writers. block and some mental health issues, I’m comfortable saying I am back. 

While I was gone, a lot happened in the underground. I discovered some new music and decided also that Orange Peel will slowly be converting into more than a music site but an art site all around. Covering all parts of underground artistry. 

As far as music goes, here’s some of what’s occurred in my time away: 

  1. Jackmusic announces his project “Barrie Me In My Vans” to announce in April 
  2. Dali Uchis announces a concert coming up on April 13th at The Rebel Lounge – a virtual flyer for the event will be posted below. 
  3. Eric Donte hit the scene with a few singles and revealed the artwork for his 2nd EP, “Lamp In The Room” – photo also shown below. 
  4. Rakeem Miles announced a tour with Matt Granpap starting on April 6th Baltimore, MD and ending on the 22nd in Los Angeles. 
  5. Mike Melinoe shared on facebook that he’s preparing for a project to drop. 
  6. Rex The Rager was announced as the co-host for Mike G Monday’s on Odd Future Radio. 
  7. Chase Beaire began writing new music. 
  8. Herrick & Hooley took to instagram to preview their music video for their track “Donuts” off their project “Herrick & Hooley’s Famous Honey” 
  9. Vic Rouge unveiled the cover art for his single “Andy Warhol” with the art done by Emir. Set to release April 12th. 
  10. Many artists hit up SXSW. 

All of that and so much more has happened. A lot of music has dropped too, it’s been such a good year so far for the underground scene. I’m more than happy to be back writing for this and providing the content for everyone. If you’d like to be apart of Orange Peel as a temporary – maybe permanent writer, instagram page worker, or any other form of help, send me a message on the facebook page, or reach out on the contact tab of the site. 

Thank you all for remaining on the page and not giving up on me. It’s highly appreciated and I’m hoping you welcome me back. 

Concert announcement from Dali Uchis.

Eric Donte revealing cover art for “A Lamp In The a Room”
Rakeem Miles tour with Matt Granpap
Rex The Rager revealing via Instagram him co-hosting Mike G Mondays