“Black, polished punk rocker just don’t let it fool ya” 

– Eric Donté’s track “Blonde Wig”

We all have goals in life, some small and some large. No matter how large it is to you, if you have a goal to meet the a of the physical embodiment of the word unique, familiarize yourself with who I’m about to say.

With purplish-pink hair, a few painted nails, a propeller beanie hat and a versatile sound, we have Eric Donté. Coming out of St. Louis, MO, Eric supports the sentence that there is something special about that city. This isn’t the first time I have covered someone from St. Louis though, in the past I introduced you to AS.E and also Odd Papi – both friends of Eric.

I had discovered Eric on instagram awhile back and was almost instantly interested in his work. His unique image is a large reason to that.

Eric posing with an unnamed individual. His outfit here captures his unique look in the best way.

After spending a small amount of time on his social medias, I finally hopped on his Soundcloud. It was on there where I had found all of his music he’s released thus far. It proved to me he’s versatile as each track gave off a different and unique vibe.

On the track, “Ignorant Levels” I picked up an early Childish Gambino vibe – something off Camp. While picking up this vibe I also really felt his own sound was there.

A personal favorite of mine, “I Get To Turn Up With My Friends Now” Eric proves that he can have fun while also making a sort of motivational song? It’s like backdoor motivation, hearing him project the lyrics,

“I get to turn up with my friends now!” 

It makes me want to do something wild with all of my friends. This track could be anthem.

Blonde Wig” does what some would describe as bump. When I first heard this track all I wanted to do was ride around in some Vans Old Skools and make people mad. He brings all of bars, realness, and love for those around him by the shoutouts towards the end.

In my own words, Eric Donté is going to establish a solid image in underground scene that will eventually take him out of it and into the mainstream. I look forward to seeing more of his work in the future. Lastly, although there are plenty of other songs on his Soundcloud; I chose to cover those because they really show that Eric Donté definitely has his own sound. You can look for his EP, “A Lamp In The Room” to drop this summer. Until then peep the over art below!