With a caption like that youre most likely slightly confused yet also very intrigued. Allow me to properly introduce this individual. Meet, Divante Rodriguez, better known as “Rex The Rager”; he is an underground artist who is steady making waves in his own career. 

Based in Los Angeles, CA. ‘Rex says his primary focus is bringing you as much content as he can. When it comes to industry friends and collaborators, he has a few notable mentions. Some of them he’s worked on events with and some he’s worked on music with – some are both. I caught up with him to find out who he’s been working with and he mentioned the following:

Insomniac Rarri

OG Maco 

Mike G 

Those three alone are great additions to a networking circle. Going further on Mike G, Rex is actually a cohost on Odd Future Radio’s MIKE G MONDAYS! It was announced via Twitter. 

A name who he didn’t mention but is both a friend of and collaborator, Rakeem Miles of Organic Geniuses. Rex performed at Rakeem’s event, “Weird N’ Awful Music Festival” back in the summer of 2016. I met them both there, actually. 

Rex The Rager and Rakeem Miles at the Weird N Awful Music Festival. Photo Via Gordon Hanners

Antway, back to Rex. 

In the title, the phrase “IMNOTDEAD” is read. Some of you may know what that is and some of you may be wondering. To help with any confusion or interest in knowing, I was able to get a direct quote from Rex himself. 

IMNOTDEAD has no classification of what it really is. I like to think of it as a lifestyle. The name came about at a time when I felt I was being overlooked in music & not being recognized for the tremendous amount of time, effort and work I put into my craft solely by myself. So it was just motivation for me to push harder because I know I have the components to really excel in the industry.

You can follow IMNOTDEAD on instagram by clicking HERE.  

What’s an introduction to a musician without music though? I mean isn’t that what this article is about? 

You can listen to his latest single “Good Head” produced by Hush by clicking HERE. It’s a great track, the verses are great, production is key and the vibes are there. Play this one for your significant other. 

— To be honest I highly dislike saying “vibes are there” because it sounds cliche but I don’t quite know another way to put it. It’s just a really dope song. — 

One of my favorite tracks by Rex The Rager has a rather humorous name, “No White Girls” produced by SK Beats. This track stands out cause Rex is just simply being real and just rapping. It’s nice when an artist can mix all of bars, humor, inspiration, and hype into one track. It’s one of those tracks that’d be in my summer playlist. You can listen to that track by clicking HERE

Rex has been putting in work for quite some time now. He like many other artists who I have my sights on will do and achieve great things for his career this year. If you’re in LA hit up his instagram (link at the bottom of the article) to see about any events he may be attending or having! I know of one for sure on April 21st that will also have Rakeem Miles, Posse Brand, Noap, Svnkface clothing, DJ GoldKey and more in attendance. 

Before I finally send this off, here’s a quote from Rex himself. 

“As long as you’re trying your best to progress every day, you will eventually be where you want to be. Respect your journey and be patient.”

Get familiar! 🍊


Cover photo via Tr3Bravo