Posted in the forests of Bakersfield, CA, there’s a man. Some may say myth others may say soon to be legend. 

Who is this that I’m taking about though? That’s the real question here. Coming from Bakersfield, CA, get to know Foreign Forest. 

Birth name Frankie Denham, Foreign is based out of Bakersfield, but has been performing in other cities like Los Angeles and Austin, TX. Coming in August of this year he has another show in Los Angeles. – Details wil follow soon. Whenever creating new music, he said his aim to capture whatever emotion he is feeling at thay time. 

“My aim when creating new music is just to capture to emotion I’m feeling at the time” 

That’s the best way to go about it, in my opinion. It seems like many mainstream artists try to make whatever appeals to the masses instead of making what they want. 

As far as the music that’s already made goes, Foreign had said that given that he has so many projects out already, he says he’s currently just focused on experimenting and not so much a full project. 

“Being that I have many projects out at the moment, I’m experimenting with making songs and dropping my best singles. No projects in the work at the moment.” 

You can listen to one of his most recent singles “Heart Stained Wrist Icy” by clicking HERE. Other songs will be posted at the bottom of article. 

I had the chance to ask one quick question before the conversation wrapped up, who does he want to work with? Most say who they want the artist to work with but I wanted to know his side. 

I would like to work with Lil Tracy, Mac Miller, Oliver Francis, and a few producers like FLUME, and EASTGHOST

Not trying to gas him up on this but I personally feel like if all of those came to be, each one would not only be unique but also outstanding tracks. I have said this with almost all of the artists on Orange Peel so far but I feel like Foreign Forest will be a name we don’t forget. He’s consistent, creative, dedicated, loyal to his vision, and has the motivation to achieve what he’s working towards. 

That’s all that I have thus far, maybe at some point in the future I’ll be able to get a full out interview. Give you access to really get to know him. 

To hear more music, click the below. 

Foreign Forest – hey october ft Jxsh 

Foreign Forest – feeling gradient