You probably think I’m trying to be edgy with a caption like that. You may also think that this is some science article – thankfully, it’s not. Instead this article is for you to get to know hip hop rapper / producer Barry MARZ. 

Listen to: Ether Shawty – Barry Marz (prod. Doc Marzy) 

Born in Washington, D.C. but now based out of the state of Maryland – no specifics on city. Barry also goes by Doc Marzy when producing. He has a heavy influence from ambient music. To me his style is like of Earl Sweatshirt and Bishop Nehru were fused into one person – that person being Barry Marz. Peep the link below to listen to his track produced by himself under the producer tag Doc Marzy. On it he spits with an untouchable flow with bards that ok have you replaying the track to catch all that he said. 

Listen to: Gods Vs Goats – Barry Marz (Prod. Doc Marzy)

He says his aim when creating new music isn’t for the sole purpose of making hits but instead replay value. It’s dope he puts thought and effort into his work. 

My aim when creating new music is to make people think and feel something from the moment they hear a track of mine. I think replay value is important, so I focus on making art rather than hits.

Once again I say, that’s dope. Regarding more of his aim when creating, he says he’s really inspired by ambient types of work. It’s always been a fascination of his. 

I had a chance to ask him a question regarding more of his influence and such on creating. Instead of breaking the information down, enjoy this quote by Barry himself.  

Sonically, I’m currently inspired by Ambient music. It’s a sound I’ve always been fascinated by. After hearing artists like ICYTWAT and Lord Fubu, I began to apply their production styles to my own, so as of now, that’s the base of my sound.

Speaking of ICYTWAT and Lord Fubu, those are two of many artists whom he hopes to collaborate with at some point. The others include, Mndsgn, Ohbliv, Nick Grant, Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis, H.E.R., and Lolo Zouai. That’s just naming a few. Although he feels like a Terry Lewis collab is currently out of his reach and instead just a dream, I say it’s possible. 

Listen to: Missed Calls – Barry Marz (Prod. Doc Marzy)

What I’m about to say next is perhaps the most exciting part, an EP – a collaboration EP. 

I’m working on a collab EP with a producer named Jacob Johnson titled, ” The Things You Don’t See.” It’s a 4 track EP with some of my best work to date. Also working on Monochromatic Vol. 3 with my bro KILLAH Khi. I’m working on a collab beat tape with Freaky Frankenstein, and lastly I’m working on my next solo album.

After clicking those links in the article I feel as if you’ll be able to easily agree when I say, Barry MARZ will be going very far. Sorry for that lame rhyme, it wasn’t intentional. What is intentional to say however is that Barry will be a strong force in the music world in the coming future.