New interviews always have me hyped, they’re fun doing and readers can learn a lot from them. I recently had a conversation with Ohio musician, “K.$” – pronounced “K.Money”, he comes from Cincinnati. 
Born Kyle Overmoyer, K.$ knew at a young age that he was wanting to make music. In the interview you’ll learn more about how young he was, his influences, collaborations, childhood friends, and much more. Peep it below along with links to his work so you can get to know him. 

OP. What’s your name? Who are you? Do you like your grilled cheeses bread to be burnt or golden brown?

K.$. Kyle Overmoyer (K-Money). I’m an extrovert / introvert, a libra and basically a kid who has let his dreams and experiences influence how I feel. Also I am lactose intolerant but I like anything that’s toasted to be golden brown. 

OP. Dope, I relate to the extrovert introvert, it’s real. Sorry about that grilled cheese question though – since you’re lactose intolerant it’s probably good you’re on Orange Peel and not MILK – that was so lame I’m sorry. Anyway, it’s tight you say kid, hold on to that youth. Do you express a lot of those dreams in your music or? 

K.$. Yeah, my lyrics are just my thoughts, fears, doubts, insecurities. It’s a really reliable outlet, very therapeutic. Also really fun at heart. Embracing youth is very important. It’s a crazy feeling that can’t be taken away from you. I want my music to always be real, but be fun, even If it’s a sad song I want it to be bouncy and free. — This link will take you to an 11 track album by K.$. 
OP. I follow that, from what I’ve heard you definitely grasp all of those that you mentioned. I’m a fan of your work myself. You have a different sound which is sick. How much do you embrace your music in your work? Do you have any ideas at all to take it further?

K.$. My Music is the most important thing to me. I’ve always felt like I’ve had a way with words since a young age, and being able to articulate myself while at the same time making someone else feel some shit from my music, that’s what I feel is important to me when I think about the roots. I, however, want to make a brand. I want Cincinnati to come together and start a movement. Not only just music but clothes, brands, short films, flowing of ideas. Obviously that’s my mission, but my dream is to just tour state to state and live a bummy life!

OP. So you feel like you’re a natural wordsmith? That’s a major plus – especially being a musician. How long have you been making music for? As far as the branding goes, that’s vital if you ask me. Have you taken any steps towards creating that brand? Anything you can share?

K.$. Yeah when I started writing songs I was just trying to make the best story I can. A story that is me and real 100%. I was pretty shitty at first but I kept working at it and words became very easy to rhyme and even easier to make it all title together at the end of the song. 
Everything music related I have done with my brother, Jake. He lives in Pennsylvania but we still talk all our shit through and exchange ideas constantly. We have an idea for a record label called “Even Peaches” that’s the name of our record label. Keeps with the fruit theme you have! 

But also just the name “K.$” itself, I worked to make a kickass signature and I put that on my album. I believe in my name and work as an artist. So much I even tattooed my K.$ signature on my chest, over my heart because I believe in myself and my ability to make music a lot.

OP. I understand. Practice makes perfect. Even Peaches x Orange Peel sounds like a nice collaboration. That’s incredible that you believe that much. Where exactly did K.$ come from? How’d you create it?

K.S. signature.

K.$. It’s funny, my dad and I never had a super super close relationship until later in life but he used to call me k money and my brother J dawg. It was like an alter ego for me. 
More of a backstory, I’ve been to so many different schools in Cincinnati, one in Pennsylvania, I have lost track, more than 10 I think. But in 8th grade when I came back from living in Pennsylvania for a year, I went to a school where I was literally the only white kid. I was starting to rap a few months before that and I would start rapping with guys there and everybody fucked with me. They all started calling me k money SAP. It just sort of stuck. 

I wouldn’t say that I created it as much as it just came natural. I also like that it throws people off when they look at me and judge me. Then I say I rap and my name is K.$. As for the signature, it is just very personal to me because it was the moment a lot of this stuff clicked. Its when I just had an album cover for Stacey’s Pub and a few songs, I did that signature over the album from a Mac and it just hit me and my homie Dell that, that was it. I went home and recorded hella songs and polished it up and did it by myself besides my brothers help and dropped an actual cohesive project. That signature was everything. Big source of inspiration. “K.$.” signature. 

OP. Wow, very in-depth and a true form of humble beginnings. Do you think moving around a lot has impacted your sound or ways of writing your lyrics in any way? Are you still in contact with those guys? Also it seems you had that Eminem story type. Does he have any impact on your work or?

K.$. Moving around indirectly changed my sound and lyrics because I was always the new kid and constantly reintroducing myself so just my emotions and relationships changed the way I would look at how I felt about life in general.

And yeah, I’m Still friends with everyone. Byrd, pooter, savy, Raekwon and others. Glad I met them.

Also my mom is a die hard Eminem fan and I went to a babysitter every weekend and they lived in a trailer park. That’s where my love for Eminem, shit hip hop as a whole, started. Eminem was the first one I had cared about what a discography was and what stories he put out. I was just amazed with the stories he put together while rhyming like it’s sounds easy. I definitely have a dark sense of humor from listening to Eminem at an early age. Not a bad thing though. I definitely get inspired by his rhyme schemes and just making a story in general, so he does have a big impact on me but I have my own spin on shit, I love what period of music we are in. Shit sounds youthful. 

OP. Do you feel as if there’s one spot that you moved to that impacted you the most? Dope, keep your friends close. Any collaborations with them by chance? As far as Eminem goes, I feel that for sure. Are you influenced by any other artists from that era? –Clicking here will take you to a song from K.$. titled “Shine”. 

K.$. I think just moving to live with my dad in pennsylvania for a year. Because my brother and I grew a relationship out of music and that’s when I started really trying to do it. 

I do not have any collabs with them even though my friend Savy was the first person I went to a studio with. I’ve done collabs with my brother and other friends like Bijad or Dell (who was on afternoon) but the person I’ve done the most collabs with is Andrea Micheaux, she is an artist from Chicago. She’s had a few features on my songs and last summer we made an EP together. It was a weird experience to never meet someone but figure out how to make a solid project. But we did it. She killed it and we accomplished everything we wanted to do with it.

I really draw a lot of inspiration from Eminem, Tech N9ne, Kurt Cobain, Frank Sinatra. Nobody has really influenced me as hard as Eminem except Chance the Rapper. When I thought music was getting stale, he dropped acid rap and really changed that mindset for me. 
OP. I understand, family coming together from music is cool. That’s interesting as far as the collaborations go. I remember that project, very nice for sure. Made me a fan of yours. How did you two come into contact and how did you guys connect on a creative process given you have never met? I follow the inspirations part, Acid Rap is the goat.

K.$. We actually met strictly, randomly through SoundCloud. I liked her shit and messaged her to collab. If I see something in people I’m quick to show support. 
We had done a few song collabs and when we wanted to make the project, we talked on the phone once and it would be a process where I would put a verse and have an idea and then send it to Andrea or just send her a beat and see what she does with it and go from there! I mixed all of her vocals and stuff from just acapella tracks. That was wild, I made it sound smooth and it was the first time I was engineering and mixing songs like that. A lot of effort from both sides made that creative process work. Acid Rap straight up took me out of depression and got me hype!
OP. I understand, keep that mindset. That sounds like a d old and unique experience as far as the creative process goes. Do you have any other big collaborations in the works with her or anyone else? Are there any artists in the underground right now who you’d like to work with? 

K.$. I definitely have more songs with Andrea coming!!! As far as other collabs, I’m just waiting to see who wants to work with me but I have like 3 homies I want to do songs with As soon as possible. Stain, suicide rascal and Dell again. All Cincinnati artists. Man, in the underground right now, I would want to do shit with Trapo or Jayaire Woods. I feel like their styles would compliment mine. And it’s all just unique. Definitely those two. — Perhaps my favorite of his work thus far, click this link to listen to “We All Float Down Here”. It’s a 4 track project released by K.$. and Andrea Micheaux. 

OP. Dope, are you collaborating with them to continue your initiative of branding the city? For the other collaborations, you can make it happen I feel. I’ve gotten a pretty good amount of information now, my next question is my favorite. If you could say one thing right now, what would it be? The ball is in your court here, you can say some wise shit, some life shit, some real shit, some goofy shit or nothing at all.  

K.$. Hell yeah!! Just want other friends from Cincinnati who are dope to make dope shit with me. And just have that be from ‘Cinci. As for shit to say: 

Support local art. Be inspired by what makes you geek out. Don’t let depression beat you. Power through your mistakes. Be humble about your triumphs. Rub a dub dub, thanks for the grub, yay god.

That is all for this one. I hope you liked what you read! Click the links throughout the article to listen to music by K.$! I see him going places in he industry solely because how genuine he is about not only himself but his craft as well. Be on the lookout for him.