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What Is Orange Peel?

Orange Peel is a music blog covering talents of both the underground and mainstream. Acting as an outlet to be seen and heard, Orange Peel is constantly searching for artists to cover in our articles. One big reason Orange Peel was started is because every artist has their peeling. We cover that, we want to help them lose their peeling and be that Orange everyone wants. With that very odd comparison in mind we plan on delivering music news, artist’s to discover, tips on the business side of music and so much more. Feel free to send in submissions to our email (subject to change). You may not get an immediate response you will receive one eventually.

Anyone who writes on Orange Peel is very open minded and we are always welcoming of new story ideas and new artists. With that, if you aren’t a musician but you know someone who is, either submit their work in or refer them to the page.

Thank you all in reading this and visiting this site.

This is a message from the creator.

I’m a very all over the place dude. I enjoy various music types. I set up Orange Peel to showcase those types. It’s my vow to make sure that artists covered on this page are covered on a completely unbiased opinion. I refuse to only share artists whom I like. It’s my mission to serve you reading this. Whether you’re into dark music, weird indie rock or even have a love for some punk music, I want you to feel comfortable on this site in finding new artists from whatever genre you like. I current;y have no idea where this site will progress to in the oncoming future but I am confident it’ll be somewhere great. – 1/08/2017 2:22am EST.

I love everyone and don’t forget to drink a fuc* ton of Orange Juice. Vitamin C is for the soul.

Thank you.